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Matt Creamer & Roberta

teaching elder

Before Matt was brought here to NPPC, he spent many years as a worship leader and a singer/songwriter in the PCA and freelanced after graduating from Cedarville with a BA in Music Performance.  Matt grew up in Israel and speaks fluent Arabic. He has recorded several Arabic albums, which have all aided in spreading the Gospel message literally, across the world. (Link to Concert)  In 2009, Matt and Roberta felt the calling of the Lord on their lives into Gospel Ministry and attended Covenant Seminary in St. Louis where Matt earned his MDiv,  and Roberta her master’s in counseling.  She received her certificate in Trauma and Abuse Therapy from the Allender Center.  

"Matt has a unique teaching gift and is able to convey the power of God's Grace, through the sound doctrinal teaching of God's word in a meaningful, humble and very relatable way. It's unlike any preaching I've ever heard heard before, growing up in the Church. The Doctrine of Grace is taught in a way that has aided in my personal spiritual growth, in ways I didn't know possible. Grace is taught in a way that has freed me from believing I needed to be good enough for God, and pointed me towards a new understanding of His love for me. It's a love that does not depend on who I am, who I was, or who I will be- a love that comes ONLY from the GRACE I was given when God called me to be His, and saved me through the blood of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful God has used Matt and NPPC in my life in such big ways, and I know He will continue to use Matt and this body of believers to share this great news with others"


                                                                                   -Lis Rhodes (attending since September 2021) 

Glenn Beach & Linda

ruling elder

Linda was a founding member of NPPC as a teenager and dragged Glynn into it after they were married in 1966!  Glynn joined in 1968. Glynn retired as a Major in the Quincy Police Dept. and then served as Police Chief in Havana and spent 33 years in the Army Reserves, which included tours of duty with Special Opps in the Army National Guard.  He has been serving as an elder since 2001 and has taught adult Sunday School. Linda has served on the presbytery WIC council and president of NPPC WIC. They have 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and 8 great grandchildren, all of whom attend NPPC


Steve Swier & Cindy

ruling elder

Cindy was baptized as a covenant child at NPPC. She grew up in the church and came to know the Lord at a young age. Steve began attending NPPC during their dating years. He became a member in 1992, the same year that they were married. (It was a good year!) They have three children, all of whom were baptized at NPPC. And all of whom love the Lord and are blessed to me married to spouses that also love the Lord. Steve was ordained as a deacon the 90’s and went on to be ordained as an elder in January of 2023. Together Steve and Cindy have served as Sunday school teachers, and as coaches for

t-ball and soccer in the SOAR program. They are blessed with four grandchildren, that also attend NPPC

Jon Ingram & Jayne 

ruling elder

Jon and Jayne joined NPPC in 2022 after they moved to Gadsden County from Tallahassee. Jon and Jayne married in 2007 and joined their families after both lost their first spouses in tragic events. Combined, they have 2 children in heaven, four children (three of whom are married), 13 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. Jon retired from the Auditor General in 2013 after 35 years of service and has since worked part-time for a local CPA firm in

Tallahassee. Jayne cares for her mom who lives with them and is also a member here at NPPC. Jon serves as a ruling elder at NPPC and teaches adult Sunday School when needed.


Tommy Cone & Christy


Christy Beach grew up and came to know the Lord at NPPC.  Tommy started coming when they were dating and later joined the church. They were married in 1989. Tommy has been faithfully serving as a deacon since the early nineties.  Christy served as church historian and church secretary for ten years. They have four children and 8 grandchildren all of whom attend NPPC


Bobby Joiner & Eloise


Bobby and Eloise joined NPPC when the church was planted in 1960 as newlyweds. Bobby has been a deacon since the 80s and serves on the board of our corporation. Eloise has served as secretary and treasurer of WIC  They are very hospitable and love opening their home for NPPC events. They have two children, three grandchildren.


Keith VanBenthuysen & Misty 


Misty Beach also grew up and came to the Lord at NPPC. After meeting, she invited Keith to NPPC. They were married in 1992. Keith has been faithfully serving as a deacon since the mid-nineties. They have 4 children, all of whom attend and are members of NPPC.

Lester Beach & Sissy


Lester grew up at NPPC and was baptized as a covenant child. He has been very active in serving our church over the years in a deacon type role but finally felt the call of the Lord and was ordained as a deacon in January of 2023. Sissy began attending while they were dating and joined following their marriage in 2006. They have two children who are members of NPPC. Sissy and Lester are known for their smiles, humor, and generosity and both love serving the NPPC family in whatever capacity they are called upon to serve!

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Jeremy Terry & Emily


Emily has attended NPPC since she was a small child and is the granddaughter of the dearly missed elder Ronnie Brunson and daughter of Ruling Elder Steve Swier. Jeremy began attending following his and Emily's marriage in November 2021 and is an active member of the worship band. They are the parents of four children who love attending NPPC with them.

Ronnie Brunson & Barbara Jean

The Saturday before Easter, of 2022, we lost our beloved Ruling Elder, Ronnie Brunson, after a two-year battle with various health issues.  Our loss is heaven’s gain, but he is and will be sorely missed. Ronnie was a founding member of NPPC along with Barbara Jean his wife of 58 years.  Ronnie served as deacon, elder, treasurer, Sunday School Teacher, and Trustee for the corporation. He also directed NPPC’s t-ball outreach ministry, SOAR.  He was the spiritual leader of His family and loved by all. Barbara Jean continues to bless us with her wisdom and her love for NPPC.

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